Jo Caron, Martin Pinsonnault, and Gavin Fernandes

Founded in 1994, Sonomar offers flexible, cutting edge cutting edge sound post production services that overcome technical barriers while maintaining high standards of quality and creativity while always staying in personal collaboration with the directors and content producers. Through our ability to work remotely or from the studio we are able to lend flexibility to scheduling and budgetary concerns by prudently employing our resources according to the realities of a production. While sound remains our great passion we are equally attentive to the coordination and management of our projects with our team of permanent and freelance supervisors, editors, Foley artists, re-recording mixers, sound recordists, and assistant editors.

Sonomar also encourages ongoing partnerships and future collaborations with local service houses in Montreal and abroad in order to better provide comprehensive services.

Sonomar is beginning to extend its clientele beyond the borders of Canada, and welcomes future international collaborations. For demonstrations and examples of past work, please visit our online sound effects store or consult our works section, which includes our recent participation in the sound postproduction of the Oscar winning film Dallas Buyers Club!


Martin PinsonnaultWith over 20 years of experience in audio post-production as a sound supervisor, designer, editor, recordist, and collector, Martin has worked with many of the top directors, producers, and local talent that constitutes Montreal’s post-production community.

Paul Lucien ColWorking out of both Sonomar's studios and his personal home studio, Paul acts as the assistant sound editor and junior sound designer of Sonomar since 2012. With a background in science, music, programming, and sound, Paul adds a diverse characteristic to Sonomar's creative palette. In his spare time, Paul plays bass in a Pop-Rock band.